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BEFORE LEAVING HOME Equipment is in 100% working order. Gear is packed securely on the car or trailer. Sailing bag is packed and includes wetsuit, towel, sunscreen, food, drink sailing instructions and any necessary race registration information. Toolbox is packed … Continue reading

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The island and the lake have been there for 15 years or more…..”there” in that list of places I have to explore one day. But through all the shortboarding, the slalom and bump and jump, that “one day” never happened. … Continue reading

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Today we look at a move that is both simple and elegant, and within anyone’s reach. This move has no pre-requisites (other than having a board to do it on!), you need not be a pro, and it’s a lot … Continue reading

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I am a self confessed windsurfing tragic who has a passion for all areas of windsurfing particularly longboard . However, at the top of my list of preferred longboards are raceboards both old and new. While I appreciate the Windsurfer … Continue reading

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In the first article on front-to-back sailing we learned the basics of pushing the sail, or sailing front-to-back. I promised then that this move could lead to much wilder fun sailing, so let’s look here at some of the possibilities. … Continue reading

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Longboard Windsurfing (LBWS), has been following the just completed Raceboard Worlds which were held in Mendoza, Argentina. While not attending the event, we followed it on the event web site and thought we should make some comments here on LBWS. … Continue reading

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