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Lessons from surfing. It looks like we’ve made it. Rumours of the longboard windsurfer’s death were much exaggerated. We know the longboard works, and we’re out there making converts. Manufacturers like Kona are pushing the concept. The Kona One, they … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Henderson, sailmaker of Hot Sails Maui, lives in the home of the shortboard. Waveboard heaven. High-wind nirvana. And what is Jeff doing for fun and for the future of windsurfing? He’s becoming a prophet of longboard wavesailing. Longboard wavesailing … Continue reading

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The worlds showed a close contest between the Equipe, Starboard Phantom Race and Exocet Warp X 380. It’s a good situation for the class, because we now have new boards that are highly competitive but don’t outclass the old boards.

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The island and the lake have been there for 15 years or more…..”there” in that list of places I have to explore one day. But through all the shortboarding, the slalom and bump and jump, that “one day” never happened. … Continue reading

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Most windsurfers are only designed for planing, so they either need strong winds or big sails so they can generate enough power to get onto the plane. The Wally is different.

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One of the problems with the Windsurfer class in the past has been the lack of information on how to sail and own the old plank. Please submit any information you have to help to build up our version of … Continue reading

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The move to dump the Mistral One Design from the Olympic games can be seen as a straight hatchet job on longboards. Many of the sailors, coaches and countries in the sport were happy with the MOD. The push came … Continue reading

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The WINDSURFER ONE DESIGN is the updated version of the original Windsurfer – the board that started it all, and still one of the strongest classes in Australia. The beloved “Wally” is tough, it’s cheap, it can be sailed in … Continue reading

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Is the revival of the longboard taking the sport backwards? We hope so. We’d love to go back – back to the days when you have fun sailing anywhere at any time. Back to the days when windsurfing was the world’s fastest-growing watersport. Continue reading

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When sales of new boards started to decline, many high-wind fanatics blamed the drop on everything else in sight –the weather, the kids of today….. Others blamed the rising popularity of other sports, but that ignored the fact that one … Continue reading

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