2009 Raceboard Worlds Wrap

Press Release
The record entry of 114 surfers from 15 nations in the Raceboard World Championship 2009 sailed 12 races during the Championship. “This is the biggest fleet in a World Championship of the Raceboard Class, we have seen for more than 20 years”, Murat Tueten from the German Windsurfing Association, who organised the event, raved.

It was a tight finish before the world title in the Raceboard class was decided on Saturday June 11, 2009. Maksimilian Wojcik could defeat the German challenger Moritz Martin in a tight finish. Martin became second, followed by the Slovakian Patrik Pollack. “In these very changing conditions only all-rounder like Martin or me could win the series and I am very happy about the title in the end”, said the 25 year old surfer from Poland. “I was very nervous before the last races started and the pressure was enormous. It is my biggest success so far to win the championship after a world title in the youth class at the age of 16. I love the atmosphere in the Raceboard class, it is pure amateur sport and very different to the Olympic RS:X class in which I train as well”, raved the polish surfer, who started for the first time during the Warnemuende Week. The beaten competitor from Germany was happy about his vice title in the end as well: “I could win the last race, which was good for my motivation and my goal was to be among the top three, so it is a great success for me. I had some spin outs on Saturday due to fin problems, which have cost me some deciding points, as it was really tight”, Martin said. Patrik Pollack from Slovakia won Bronze. Gabi Schlotmann from Germany won the women’s title clear ahead in front of Martina Hruba and Jana Slivova, both from Czechoslovakia.

Results Men
Results Women

Photo album 1
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Event Website

Competitor equipment list

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11 Responses to 2009 Raceboard Worlds Wrap

  1. rod says:

    Thanks for the report. It would be really cool to know which boards were used by which sailors.

  2. yagon says:

    I believe that the winner was riding a Mistral Pan-Am.

  3. Maybe this is pretty stupid, but nevertheless, perhaps you guys are missing the obvious after all these years. Everyone can access this information now via the internet (for you youngsters, there wasn’t always an inernet!), and just maybe, someone new may be interested in just what the Race board class consists of. I recommend in every press release, that you include a stock, scripted definition of what a race board actually is and where someone could find more information on it, or perhaps buy one of the silly things! I mean this is basic stuff guys and gals, to grow the sport. Separately, congratulations to Patrik Pollack for bronze and to his “father coach” who I had the pleasure of racing with in The Kona Cup in France two years ago. Way to go Pollacks!! For contact, use my last name followed by windsurfing at Gmail.com.
    Bruce Matlack….40th year windsurfing!

  4. To Rocket Red:
    What you have is what we once called a ‘transition board”…. Never sure of where people transited to after buying one, but I’d take bets that they left the sport with an extreme case of the “in betweens”. My tip is for you to forget about all the just about free used crap for a 1/4 century ago, and if you are SERIOUS about the sport, realize that a few leaps of progress have been made since “transition boards” were popular 25 years ago. Go see Pepe Gerald in Hood River to get the right stufff… probably an Exocet Kona One would be perfect for the needs and skill levels you presented.
    Bruce matlack…Long boarding for 40 years……

  5. rob134 says:

    @ Bruce, you are correct mate, there should be definitions for each class of longboard. This website is put together around work and family so time is limited as you may understand. If you would like to contribute with writing something on definitions or simply write an article it would be greatly welcomed.

  6. rob134 says:

    @ rod, I have added a link to the competitor equipment list.

  7. rod says:

    thanks rob. i tried to open that from the raceboard site but it says the document is damaged and cannot be repaired….or some such comp speak :-)

  8. Pat says:

    Hey Bruce,
    Thanks for the feedback. In general I agree with your comments and think that it would be a good idea to provide some description of the different windsurfing classes including the Raceboard class. However, we (LBWS) did not write the press release. We just published it on our website. It was written by the RB Class and in particular the organizers of the worlds event.

    Dont forget that LBWS is run and manged by a bunch of longboard windsurfing (in all its varieties) fanatics in Australia who cobble together some thoughts from time to time. While we may sail a variety of boards including raceboards, we do not represent any one class.

    Notwithstanding the above, I agree with your thoughts about description of the classes. this may be helpful to to some. As my colleague Rob said, “LBWS is always happy to receive article contributions from others”.


  9. Ross says:

    After reading the article – but before reading the comments – I thought I’d post something along the lines. Thanks Murat for the report, photo links, etc. Congratulations on a what looks to have been a great, and great fun, raceboard regatta.

    But after reading the posts am just left bemused that the most well intentioned, congenial article could extract such hubris – from too much sun or too many refreshments I’m not sure.

  10. john says:

    Regarding the equipment used, I found the equipment list a few days ago and interestingly, 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place used mistral panam’s while 2nd place was on a phantom.

  11. Murat says:

    First video from Raceboard Worlds, a second one with mostly on water pictures will be online hopefully soon too.


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